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California Adoptive Couple for My Baby

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 14, 2017

california adoptive couple for my babyHoping to find a fun, active, California adoptive couple for your baby? If so, look no further look than Andy and Stacey!  They were blessed five years ago with a Lifetime Adoption, and are thrilled to adopt another blessing into their lives!

Andy and Stacey have already adopted a baby, so they've already experienced adoptive parenting. They stay in contact with their daughter's birth mother and birth mother's family, known as an "open adoption." Andy and Stacey are open to sharing photos, letters, e-mails, and occasional visits with you too if you'd like.

They live in the Bay Area, which is the region near the San Francisco Bay in northern California. The Bay Area has tons of family-friendly activities and events, diversity, and chances for cultural enrichment. Andy and Stacey own a new, spacious five-bedroom home located in a safe neighborhood with lots of other young families.  They have a new playground structure in the backyard and have recently turned one of the bedrooms into a fun playroom.  There are many parks within walking distance, and their daughter goes to school only a block away from their house. 

Their daughter Izzie is five-years-old and enjoys gymnastics, dancing, singing, and exploring the outdoors. They share, "Every day she asks when she’ll have a baby brother or sister to play with, and will talk about how excited she is that she will be able to help take care of him or her. She can't wait to be a big sister! We have an open adoption with our daughter’s birth mother and her family. It has been a wonderful blessing for our daughter, and both of our families. We are hopeful to have an open adoption with our next adoption as well."

Visit Andy and Stacey's adoption website to learn more about them, view photos, and read their letter to you.

If you'd like to speak with Andy and Stacey, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

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