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"At 19, I chose to adopt out my baby. Here's why..."

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 5, 2017

i chose to adopt out my baby.jpg"I wanted to write a special note to all the women out there thinking about adoption, just from me. When I was 19, I chose to adopt out my baby boy. Here's my story...

Placing my son with an adoptive couple was the most difficult thing I'd ever done. But still, I felt peace with my decision. I knew then that I was doing the best thing I could for my son: providing a financially stable, two-parent home for him. At that point in my life, I wasn't able to provide the kind of home for him that I wanted and that he deserved.

I made an open adoption plan and was able to pick and meet the couple who would become his parents. I've gotten updates on him as he grows up, through letters and photos in the mail. We met in person when he was nine years old. Nowadays, I keep in contact with my son and his adoptive parents through email, Facebook, and Instagram.

I feel like it's important to have ongoing contact with the adoptive family that you choose to become the parents of your child. Staying in touch has really made me see that the decision I made was the right one.

I'm not going to pretend that I know exactly how you're feeling right now. But, I've been where you are now, thinking about adoption for your baby. When I was, I felt so hopeless and disappointed in myself. But know that there is hope after adoption. You can flourish and have a positive future!"

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