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Answers to the Top Questions Women Ask About Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 28, 2016

24_questions.jpgYou probably have tons of questions as you think about making an adoption plan for your baby or child, such as “how could someone give their baby away?”, “what’s open adoption?” and “will I ever see my child again?”

Every woman who has chosen adoption started with questions. To help answer these, Lifetime has created a short eBook that you can download. It answers the top 24 questions women have about adoption.

By signing up to get our eBook, you’ll also get a podcast of Lifetime’s coordinators answering the top 3 questions women ask about adoption. The questions they talk about are:

• Can I see my baby after placement?
• Can I get assistance while I’m pregnant if I’m going through a rough time?
• What are the steps to choosing adoption for my child?

Becoming educated can help you feel better about the decision you make—no matter if it’s to do adoption or to parent. Our eBook download gives you info on adoption, answers to questions you’ve been wondering about, and provides resources to help you in exploring your choices. You might also want to share this eBook with your baby’s father and members of your family who will be affected by your decision on adoption. It will help answer their adoption questions, too!

It’s normal to have many questions about adoption as you think about the plan you’ll make for your child. It helps to talk and learn as much as possible. Call anytime or message us online: 1-800-923-6784.

Top Adoption Questions

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