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Adoption Options for a Baby With Special Needs

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 8, 2015

adoptionBabies born with disabilities or medical problems have very special needs. Increased medical bills, extra care and attention, and personal sacrifices often come along with these special needs children. If you are unable to provide the care, time, and financial resources, there are adoption options for a baby with special needs.

You may have found out about your baby’s medical issues before birth, or it may be something that you discovered only after your baby was born. Either way, there are families who are waiting to provide the long term care and financial commitment that a special needs baby requires.

Medical technology will sometimes reveal a disability before your baby is born. If you find yourself wondering how you will manage the time, money, and emotional commitment that a special needs child requires, you may want to consider adoption.

If you have tried to care for your child with medical problems or a disability yourself, and are finding that you cannot afford or are unable to handle the needs of your baby, you have adoption options available after the baby is born.

Looking at your adoption options for a baby born with disabilities, medical problems, or even exposure to drugs and alcohol is a very unselfish action. If your situation will not allow you to take time off work to care for your child, to pay for medical bills, or to afford in-home care, then special needs adoption is a way to provide all of the things that your baby needs to have a happy and well-cared for life.

At Lifetime Adoption, we have a number of families who have expressed interest in special needs children. These families are prepared and willing to provide a loving and supportive home to children with medical problems, disabilities, or substance exposure. These families are committed to long-term care, including financial obligations, medical care, emotional care, and time commitments needed by special needs babies and children. Your adoption professional can help you to choose a family waiting to adopt a special needs child.

One of your adoption options for your special needs baby includes open adoption. With open adoption, you can hand-select the family who will care for your baby. Many birth parents choose to get regular letters, phone calls, emails, or photos of their baby, allowing them to see that they have made the right choice and that their child is getting the love, care, and attention needed. Admitting that you cannot provide the resources that a medical problem requires is not quitting on your child, or acting selfishly. Considering adoption is a tremendous gift of love. There is a home for every child with Lifetime, and a family waiting to adopt your baby with special needs.

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