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8 Pregnancy Hacks We Know You’ll Love

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 18, 2017

pregnancy hacks.jpgBeing pregnant comes with lots of issues, from swollen feet to morning sickness. Today, Lifetime is sharing 10 pregnancy hacks to help you deal with these pregnancy side effects!

  1. Grab a hair tie/ponytail holder to use as an expander for your pants

    Just loop the hair tie through the buttonhole of your jeans, and hook it onto the button. This hack could be used as a zipper extender, too.

  2.  Make electrolyte solution freezer pops to help with nausea

    Freeze some Pedialyte into ice cube trays. Then, you can suck on them for hydration and to replenish electrolytes. This hack is perfect for those times when water is unappealing, or you can't keep anything down!

  3. Swollen pregnancy feet? Soak them in tonic water

    Get some tonic water and pour yourself a foot bath of it. Room temp or cold tonic water will help with the swelling in your feet and ankles. There's quinine in tonic water, which reduces inflammation. Plus, the bubbles will soothe your sore feet.

  4. Get an inner tube if you want to sleep on your belly

    This hack is a favorite for all the stomach sleepers out there! Another plus to this one is that it'll help relax your shoulders and back.

  5. Stick your bra in the freezer 

    Do you find yourself hot all the time? Just stick your bra in the freezer for a few minutes. When you put it back on, it'll cool your entire body!

  6. Drink apple cider vinegar to help with heartburn

    When Tums just aren't cutting it for your pregnancy heartburn, apple cider vinegar can work wonders! Plus, the acetic acid in it has multiple health benefits.

  7. Muscle cramps? Try prenatal yoga

    Practicing prenatal yoga comes with some great benefits. Try placing your legs up against a wall when you get muscle cramps. It'll help to drain your legs of the extra fluid that could be causing your cramps. Think you can't afford prenatal yoga? Check out our post "How to Find Free Prenatal Yoga Videos"!

  8. Bras getting too small? Try bra-back extenders

    When you buy bra-back extenders, you'll save money because you won't have to buy maternity bras. You can just keep wearing the bras you already own! The extender is a piece of elastic with hook and eye closures on it and will add the extra room you need around your chest. They cost about a fourth of the price of a maternity bra! Here's a link to some that are only $5.19: TINKSKY 3pcs Women's Elastic Bra Lingerie Extenders.

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