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7 College Scholarships Awarded to Birth Mothers

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 11, 2017

college smiles.jpgCongratulations to the 7 birth mothers who recently were awarded educational scholarships through the Lifetime Adoption Foundation! This Foundation is a charity which awards financial assistance and scholarships to women who have made an adoption plan. Learn how the Lifetime Foundation can help you!

The majority of the scholarship recipients made an adoption plan for their newborn baby. Now, they get updates on their child through visits, emails, photos, calls, Skype, and Facebook from the adoptive family they chose. 

"I wish that placing my baby for adoption was a decision I didn't have to make. But, I know it was the best choice I could've made in my situation. Right now, it's important to me that I realize my dreams and graduate college." one birth mother wrote in her scholarship essay.

Besides the adoption scholarships for college, the Lifetime Adoption Foundation provides other assistance to women with an unplanned pregnancy who are thinking about adoption. At no cost, they offer maternity clothes, household items, and other necessities.  

Are you interested in learning about Lifetime Adoption Foundation's services and college scholarships for birth mothers? Please visit today!

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