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6 Tips for Saving Money on Maternity Clothes

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 28, 2015


Here are 6 tips how to look great during your pregnancy and save money:

  1. Shop at a thrift store, Salvation Army, or Goodwill

    These stores can have lots of great maternity clothes; you just have to have the patience to search through everything. You can use this link to find a Goodwill near you: Or you can find a Salvation Army store near you using this link:
  1. Buy larger sizes at non-maternity stores

    Until you get into your last few weeks of pregnancy, you might find that you don’t need to shop for “maternity” clothing. Tunics, dresses, and leggings may fit all the way up until you deliver!
  2. Get a “belly band”

    You can keep wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans and pants by using a belly band. A belly band is a piece of stretchy fabric that fits over your un-zipped pre-pregnancy pants. Check out this great belly band by My Bella Mama that’s under $20.
  3. Borrow maternity clothes

    The website “Mine for Nine” lets you borrow or buy maternity clothes. Check it out at You could also borrow maternity clothes from friends or family members who have recently had a baby.
  4. Shop at maternity “outlets” online        

    Lots of maternity stores (such as Motherhood Maternity) also have online outlets where you can find special deals and sales. If there’s a Motherhood Maternity store near you, you could even go in to try stuff on, then order it online on sale!
  5. Use Craigslist, Facebook, and eBay for lots of maternity clothing

    Look through online “clothing lots” to find groupings of maternity clothes that work for you. Craigslist and eBay are good places to find moms who are selling all of their maternity clothes for a set price. Try bartering with them on the price; this will help you save lots of money. You might also try searching on Facebook for buying/selling groups near you.

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