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5 Birth Mothers Share Why They Love Open Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 16, 2018

5-birth-mothers-love-open-adoption.jpgOpen adoption today is so different from how adoption worked decades ago. With an open, modern adoption plan, you're in the driver's seat. You're in control: you can choose your baby's adoptive parents, how things go at the hospital, and the amount of contact you'd like to have in the future. 

Today, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the benefits of open adoption and what it is like! We're sharing what five birth mothers say they love about open adoption. We've removed everyone's names for privacy.

"Because I did an open adoption, I'll know how my son is being raised and that he's loved by a great Christian couple. They are able to give my son what I'm unable to provide: stability."

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love-open-adoption.jpg"Today my daughter knows who I am and why I chose adoption. We have a special connection, and I love her parents. She may have been unexpected, but I can’t imagine my world without her and her adoptive family."

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"I chose to adopt out my baby, and even though it was so hard, I'm glad I did. Now, he has a better start in life and so many more opportunities."

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"I love open adoption because of the closure it gave me. After facing an unplanned pregnancy and a traumatic situation, I'm relieved to know that my baby's going to be OK."

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"I like that with open adoption, I’ll always know how my daughter is doing. She's with a great adoptive couple that I was able to pick."

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Adoption is a very personal choice, one that takes time and lots of thought to make. Ask any questions and talk to an adoption professional at Lifetime to discover what options are available to you.

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