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4 Things You Absolutely Must Know If You’re Pregnant and Considering Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 21, 2015


1. Choosing adoption isn’t selfish

On the contrary, sometimes the least selfish option, and the one that ensures the best chance of your child having a healthy, balanced childhood is adoption. Not everyone who finds themselves unexpectedly pregnant is in a great position to have that child. Considering adoption as a way to find a great home and a loving family for your unborn child is often times the most generous gift you can give, especially if the alternative is a life full of stress for you and the baby.

2. Housing and financial help is available

If financial worries are an issue (and let’s be real, who doesn’t have financial concerns!) there is adoption financial assistance available. Many times the after the adoption process has been initiated, and a good adoptive family has been found for your child, that family can help support you by paying for doctors visits, helping with your rent, and even lending a hand with groceries and other items important to you and your baby. There are many pregnancy resources available to you.

And there is even housing help for you that is more centered around your experience. There are homes, such as the Lifetime Cottage, that cater just to pregnant women, and shared housing where you can room with another woman who is going through a lot of the same experiences you are.

3. Adoption doesn’t have to be goodbye forever

It’s true that some adoptions can mean a total separation with no contact ever again, but that’s not the whole story. If you want to, you can choose an open adoption for your baby, and watch as your child grows up.

An open adoption agreement allows you to be as much of a part of your baby’s life as you and the adoptive family agree on. You can see pictures of the baby, get updates on their development, and in some cases even have contact and a relationship with the child as he or she grows up. Adoption doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye forever.

4. You are not alone

Did you know that 3 out of 5 people are touched by adoption in some way? Even if you don’t have someone in your family who was adopted, you most definitely know someone who was, or who has someone adopted in their family.

In fact, among the ranks of people who have been touched by adoption are some very familiar names and faces! Legendary country singer Hank Williams, actress Roseanne Barr, and Albert Einstein gave children up for adoption. And famous people such as Faith Hill, Nicole Richie, and even former president Bill Clinton were adopted as children. With over 2 million women who face unplanned pregnancy just this year alone, you are most certainly not alone in your journey.

Now that we have some of the facts straight, you can better decide whether or not adoption is a good choice for you. Your situation is special and unique, and you can easily talk to someone who can give you more information if you are considering adoption. An adoption counselor is just a phone call away, where you can find answers to your questions quickly and confidentially. Visit the Lifetime Adoption website or call 800.923.6784 to talk with someone today.


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