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“Why is Adoption So Expensive?" - How to Afford Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 14, 2016

mother_looks_at_baby.jpgOnce you've started on your path towards adopting a baby or child, you may get asked, "Why is adoption so expensive?" The asker of questions like this could pose it in a negative way, perhaps even adding "Babies who need homes should be free!" Here are a few tips on how to answer prying questions about the cost of adoption:

The truth is, your answer will depend upon who you're talking to. If it's someone you know well, then you might go into more of the details of what's required in each adoption. For others, who you may not be close to (or feel like spending a long time educating!) you could just want to explain that whenever a family brings a child home there are many people and processes involved. After all, even in a biological child's birth, there are many medical professionals and procedures involved. It's just that medical insurance covers a biological child's addition to a family, so many of the costs are not obvious. In adoption, there are even more people needed to help support the two sides, get proper clearances, all to make sure that it's a healthy, safe adoption for the child and the families who come together. 

Here at Lifetime, our fees encompass many things, including: 
• Assistance in creating your adoption profile and website, using Lifetime’s exclusive, proven “profile formula”
• A personal review of your adoption profile
• Birth mother outreach nationwide through phone book ads, marketing to pregnancy centers, doctors, hospitals, campuses, counselors, churches, etc—anywhere a woman might consider pregnancy options
• Private website for contracted families which shares tips, guidelines, answers, and articles
• 24 hour support and adoption services to all birth mothers (who experience no cost)
• Third-party licensed counseling for birth mothers
• Full support through your match
• Coordination with attorneys involved in your match
• Communication with the hospital where you baby will be delivered
• Referrals for adoption grants, loans, and savings
• Assistance to help you become and stay ready to adopt
• Recommendations to attorneys and home study providers, so that you can complete a safe, successful adoption

If you're wondering how to afford adoption, Lifetime offers several payment options. Upon becoming preapproved to adopt, we’ll share payment options that could work for your adoption needs. Lifetime can also provide ideas for an affordable adoption, including fundraising and referrals for adoption loans and grants.

Consider this: adoption is more affordable than most infertility treatments. Also, an investment toward adoption offers greater chance that you’ll end up with a baby than toward cycles of IVF, surrogacy, or treatment.

There’s currently an Adoption Tax Credit, where you can claim your adoption on your taxes a credit (meaning you get money back—not a deduction) for the year you finalize your adoption.

Employer adoption benefits are becoming more widely available. Ask your HR/Payroll department if your company offers an adoption benefit. Adoption benefits are affordable (no cost) for companies to offer, and can range anywhere from $1,000 to over $10,000, depending on the company. If you want to help your company set up an adoption benefit program, you can visit the Dave Thomas Foundation online and request a packet to present to your HR department for review and implementation.

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