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When Should We Get the Nursery Ready?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 6, 2015

nurseryOne question that many couples have on their minds during their adoption wait is “when should we get the nursery ready?” Since getting your future baby’s nursery ready is a personal choice, we’ll describe here some of the reasons for and against getting it set up.

Some adoptive couples feel more in control and that they’re making progress during their adoption journey as they arrange and decorate the nursery. They enjoy daydreaming in the nursery about the day they'll be able to bring their baby home. The nursery may then turn into a symbol of anticipation and confidence that a baby will soon be part of the family.

But for other adoptive couples, having a ready nursery may be an upsetting reminder that they haven’t adopted yet. It can become a symbol of pain and loss, and it could be too difficult to even think about a nursery until a baby is home in their arms. Some adoptive couples in this mindset have found it helpful to create baby registries online. Family and friends then can help them get all of the gear needed for their baby.

All in all, the choice of whether or not to get a nursery ready is a personal decision that has to be right for you. It’ll greatly help you in the long run if you can learn as much as possible about open adoption now. Sign up for our free open adoption webinar series below:

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