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When It's Meant-To-Be in Open Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 2, 2018

Hear Silas and Dawn's adoption story!Hopeful adoptive parents often go through questions and thoughts that cause them to wonder if they are on the right track pursuing adoption. Lifetime adoptive couple Silas and Dawn were no exception. Even as they traveled to meet their newborn son they still had to pinch themselves that their call to adoption had to led to their baby boy.

This sweet family's worries were for nothing, because every detail of their son's adoption story continues to show them this was meant to be!

This meant-to-be experience is something we see a lot at Lifetime. And along the way, it helps to be reminded of this truth by hearing it from others who recently walked where you are today.

You can watch the webinar replay of Silas and Dawn's meant-to-be open adoption story online today! Read on to learn how you can watch it for free, wherever you're at.

The blessing of hindsight is a gift for most adoptive parents. While they wait, hopeful adoptive parents often go through seasons of discouragement or wondering if they are still on the right track with their adoption. Once they adopt, most adoptive parents will share a similar sentiment of how it all seemed meant to be; the timing, the baby, the circumstances that brought their adoption together…all of it meant to be.


This webinar’s guest speakers are no exception. Listen to Silas and Dawn share the story of how they became a family of five through adoption. This uplifting adoption story also included adoption travel tips, encouraging perspective through the waiting, ways to use social media when a birth mother wants a limited connection, and personal testimony about their specific experience with Lifetime. Silas and Dawn’s story will touch anyone hoping to adopt!

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