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What’s Waiting to Adopt Like for an Adoptive Dad-to-Be?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 5, 2018

joe-videoWhat’s it like for men as they wait to become fathers through open adoption? As they support their wives and look forward to their future family, adoptive dads-to-be have their own unique ways of waiting-to-adopt. In this short live video, one of Lifetime’s hopeful adoptive dads, Joe, gives us a view from a man’s perspective.

Driving home after a visit with his own dad on Father’s Day, Joe speaks from the heart in a video to his Facebook friends, sharing thoughts about how he knows his wife will be an amazing mother. Joe also talks about how he knows that one of the reasons his wife wants to be a mother is to see him be a father, because she has such a great relationship with her dad, and she longs to give that connection to her husband and future child.

Joe found Father’s Day the perfect time to talk about why he knows his wife, Colleen, will be an amazing mother, as well as why they know their struggles with infertility carry a blessing for their family’s future.

He explains how their work with children and families has helped them see learn what they will do, or not do, as parents themselves one day. They've seen what families have done well and what they’ve struggled with. Says Joe,"We are going to be the most incredible parents because of that!"

Joe gushes, "[My wife] is my best friend, she’s my #1 supporter, she’s everything to me. There is no other person in the world that would ever stand by me through everything we’ve gone through. I am so excited to be an adoptive parent with her!...I’m so excited to be on her side for that ride."

Here's the genuine, heartfelt video Joe recorded on Father's Day:

Joe's thoughts on becoming an adoptive father from Lifetime Adoption on Vimeo.

Joe and his wife Colleen are currently waiting to adopt through Lifetime!
You can learn more about them on their adoption website, or share it with a friend who might be thinking about adoption.

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