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What Time of the Year Has the Most Adoptions?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 28, 2018

goodman-felicia.jpgHere's a question that we were just asked, and wanted to share with you today: "Are there peak times of year when adoptions happen more than at other times?"

This is actually one of the most common questions we hear from hopeful adoptive parents! Keep reading to learn the answer.

The truth is, there's isn't really such a thing as a peak adoption season. Babies are born in any month, during office hours, on weekends, holidays, or the middle of the night. This is why it's so important for birth mothers and waiting adoptive families to know Lifetime is here to help 24/7! Every adoption is a sweet miracle--and they are happening all the time.

There are times when we see small surges in calls from women seeking adoptive parents. A couple of examples of small surges include when the seasons change, when the school year ends, or starts it back up. Just last week, five mothers gave birth, and a couple of them started their adoption plans at the last minute.

Since adoptions can happen with lots of notice or just a little time to plan, it's so important to be prepared before you are chosen for your adoption match!

We've included links below to three recent must-watch webinars to help you along your journey. Just click on each image to listen in. You can listen to them anytime you'd like, and pause whenever you need to. And if you're searching for the right adoption help, let us know! We'd love to explore the possibilities of a Lifetime Adoption with you. Take a minute to fill out our free, risk-free application to adopt.

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