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What Are the Benefits of Domestic Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 16, 2017

chris rianna kiss.jpgAs you begin to look into adoption, one of the most significant choices you'll make is whether to adopt within the U.S. or internationally. A common misunderstanding is that there are no babies available for adoption in the U.S. The truth is, there are thousands of infants placed for adoption within our country every year. With domestic adoption today, you can have a clear adoption process and be able to connect with birth parents. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of domestic adoption!

The most important benefit of domestic adoption is that it creates the opportunity for an open adoption relationship. With open adoption, birth mothers have a say in who adopts their baby, as well as the amount of communication they'd like after the adoption. After the adoption placement happens, birth parents can get updates on their child through letters, emails, photos, or phone calls. Sometimes, the adoptive parents, birth parents, and the child visit a few times a year. After you match with a birth mother, you'll talk and decide on what level of communication works best for all of you. Open adoption gives your child the ability to grow up with lots of people who love them!

Also, in choosing domestic adoption, you can benefit from an open adoption relationship that wouldn't be available with international adoption. In domestic adoption, there's no mystery about who your child's birth parents are and why they chose adoption. "I wish that I had more information to share with my daughter about her story and her birth mother like adoptive parents do in domestic open adoptions. We have very little info, other than she was extremely loved because her birth mother chose to give her life. She hid her pregnancy and fought against having an abortion, which was sometimes forced in China. Our daughter was found in front of an orphanage gate with a red piece of paper that had her lunar birthday and Western birthday listed. How do we explain it's a loving choice to be abandoned? It’s difficult for a child to understand," shares an adoptive mother who adopted internationally.

There are many benefits to a domestic, open adoption for you, the adoptive parents, too! You'll have access to your child's medical history if needed. And, we've found that open adoption helps birth mothers become more confident in their decision to place. Most importantly, an open adoption will benefit your child. They'll know why they were placed for adoption, and that their adoptive family was hand-picked to provide them stability. You can see how a domestic, open adoption really benefits everyone involved!

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