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"We're so grateful for Lifetime and ALL you do!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 18, 2017

phillip jennifer adopt a baby boy.jpgWords cannot express the joy and grateful hearts of Phillip and Jennifer when they received "the call." Here is a sweet note from this Lifetime adoptive couple who recently adopted their baby boy! Little Jack is a miracle in so many ways. 

"I just wanted to share a new picture of our happy, miracle boy! The past two months have been so surreal and I don't even know if I have stopped to thank you all at Lifetime! 

There is no doubt that God guided our steps and hand-picked Jack for our family! We are so grateful for you all and ALL you do! The whole process was long and hard, but having someone there for you 24/7 helped tremendously!

This picture shows his sweet little personally that he is coming into! We are so blessed and have Lifetime to thank for helping us along the way! The staff at Lifetime was such a blessing! It was so easy to talk to them and always felt they were there for me. Lifetime helped us through the whole process!"

Lifetime Adoption is here to answer all of your questions about domestic infant adoption and help you adopt a baby! 

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