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Watch This Webinar to Find Out More About the Adoption Tax Credit

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 30, 2017

tax-credit-webinar.jpgThe Federal Adoption Tax Credit is a vital financing resource for most adoptive parents. Whether you’re just starting to look into adoption, you’re waiting to adopt, or you’ve recently adopted, it’s wise to learn about the Adoption Tax Credit. That way, after your adoption is finalized, you'll be able to make the most of the tax credit!

Last week, Lifetime hosted a webinar all about this tax credit. We hope to help adoptive couples as they attempt to make sense of it. The recording of this informative webinar has just been made available online. Keep reading to learn how you can tune in for free, no matter where you're at!

In the Adoption Tax Credit webinar, we covered important questions about this tax credit such as:

  • How do a tax credit and a refund differ?
  • How will the Adoption Tax Credit be valuable for us?
  • What type of adoption expenses can we claim, and what records are needed when we file our taxes?
  • When can we claim this tax credit?
  • What happens if we adopt more than one child in the same year, or incur failed adoption expenses?
  • When is our deadline to claim this tax credit?
  • Is there a time limit on the expenses we can claim? 
  • ...And more!

If you're having trouble understanding the Adoption Tax Credit and how it'll apply to your adoption, this webinar is a must-watch! Please note, we're presenting this information as adoption professionals to help you gather questions and knowledge about the tax credit, not as tax professionals. We recommend that you ask a qualified tax preparer for specific answers about how the Adoption Tax Credit will apply in your unique circumstances.

You can watch "Lifetime’s Webinar: Understanding the Adoption Tax Credit" right now, at

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