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Watch Jeff and Christa's Inspirational Adoption Story!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 27, 2017

jeff christa webinar.jpgLifetime Adoption recently hosted a webinar about with adoptive parents Jeff and Christa, who adopted their baby boy through us. They shared tips with hopeful adoptive parents, as well as how open adoption works for them and what it means to have peace during the adoption wait. If you had to miss this webinar, you can now watch it online! Just follow this link:

Perseverance of Faith and a Preemie Story:
Jeff & Christa’s Adoption

If you're called to follow the path to adoption, faith, perseverance, and flexibility will be key. As new adoptive parents, Jeff and Christa speak from their hearts about their adoption experience. They pursued an open adoption and were blessed to become first-time parents earlier this year.

About the adoption journey, adoptive dad Jeff shares, "It’s all worth it…keep going!" 

jeff christa hospital.jpgAnyone who's hoping to adopt will find Jeff and Christa's adoption story to be validating and inspirational! You can listen to this touching webinar over on In order to tune in, you'll to subscribe first. Subscribing at will keep you in the know about future webinars. It also grants you access to all of our past webinar recordings. It’s easy to subscribe, and completely free of charge! To notify you of new and recent webinars, we will email you every now and then.

Here's what attendees to this webinar had to say:

"I enjoyed it very much! I felt so validated hearing how they felt while waiting to be matched."

"I liked the webinar a lot. I loved hearing their story...They are such a cute couple and I am so happy that they finally adopted their son. It was also good to hear the little details. I felt like I could have just kept listening to their story all night!"

"With an open mind and heart, I have learned about some things that I wouldn't have considered (like giving the birth mom a gift). I never thought about what if the baby would come early. I am so schedule-driven that it never occurred to me that the baby could come earlier than what would be anticipated. I never thought about the possibility of the baby having a long stay in the hospital. This webinar opened my eyes to so many things.

Most important, it was great to hear about the ups and downs that Jeff and Christa went through and how they kept their faith during the entire process. I was in tears when Jeff and Christa told their story about when they received the initial call. It was a great feeling to hear how things just starting falling in place from their work roles, Christa’s sister’s house being nearby, the helpful/knowledgeable social worker, the Ronald McDonald house, to the part of Paul coming home on Jeff’s birthday. All of that was God doing His work and blessing this Christian family. When it is right, God will have His hands on every part of the process. Thanks!"

"I found that it was a very emotional and moving story. The baby is just adorable and it's heartwarming to hear of their happy ending. Thank you for providing this type of insight into what the adoption process can be like."

"It was good! I know that I need to take steps to prepare to drop everything if needed to get my child. I need to make some arrangements with my job."

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