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Poetry on the Wait: God's Timing Brings the Perfect Fit

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 4, 2019

poetry-waitIn domestic infant adoption, the wait to be chosen by a birth mother can be a challenge for hopeful adoptive parents. Recently, Tracy, an adoptive mother in-waiting, shared with us how Lifetime’s encouragement, support, and webinars have helped her.

Tracy, and her husband, Jamie, are actively waiting to be chosen by a birth mother. To prepare for their future adoption, Tracy attends monthly webinars. She shared how the support and encouragement of Lifetime's staff have helped her family, and how Lifetime’s adoption webinars inspire her to write during their wait. You’ll be inspired by hopeful adoptive mom Tracy’s uplifting adoption poem and honest feedback on how Lifetime's supportive staff have filled her with hope for her family's future:

"I am so very grateful for everyone at Lifetime Adoption. I have learned so much while my family waits to fulfill our adoption dreams. The webinars are a true inspiration and my Adoption Coordinator always finds just the right words to say to fill us with hope and excitement.

I have learned from the webinars that journaling can help bring positivity while we wait. I also really enjoyed last week’s webinar about what happens after you match. It was very informative and it’s exciting to think about the next steps in our adoption journey.

jamie-tracyI also wanted to share with you a little poem I wrote about adoption. I wrote the poem shortly after our last check-in call, and I truly feel that you provided me with the inspiration to put some of my feelings into words.

It’s due to the encouragement at Lifetime Adoption that I was able to put my feelings into writing to create the poem. Thank you to everyone at Lifetime for your unwavering support and encouragement! Thanks for all that you do to support my family as well as all of the other hopeful adoptive families that you work with!


Adoption Poem: 
Adoption is Love for Eternity

Oh, my child, who will you be?
I long for the day that I will see
God's endless blessings just for me.
Will you be a he or a she?

Will your skin be black or white?
What color eyes will be your sight?
Will you be tall or short in height?
All combinations, I invite.

The wait is hard, I must admit.
God's timing brings the perfect fit.
Your selfless birth mom, I'll never forget.
This act of love will be so worth it.

Oh, my child, who will you be?
I will keep waiting patiently.
Please come home to your family.
Adoption is love for eternity.

A poem on the wait to adopt #adoption #waitingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt
A poem on the wait to adopt #adoption #waitingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt
A poem on the wait to adopt #adoption #waitingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt #hopingtoadopt


To learn more about Tracy and her husband Jamie, visit their Lifetime Adoption website at

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