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Beautiful Video from a Birth Mom to Her Baby Has Gone Viral!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 19, 2018

Image: Hannah Mongie / SWNS.comIn an emotional video that's since gone viral, birth mother Hannah explains to her newly-born son that she'll always love him. 

Both People Magazine and The Today Show, have picked up this story of a loving birth mother with a special message for her baby.  "I thought I would make this video for you instead of writing a letter because it's real and it’s in the moment," Hannah says in her emotional video.

This video is a beautiful reminder of your birth mother's love for her child. This love can also include you, as the parents she provided for her baby. In her video, Hannah shares, "His adoptive mom Emily is honestly is everything I want to be as a person and a mother. I am so grateful that [my son] led me to her and their family. They are a blessing...”

A video like this will really be treasured by your child! Many adoptees grow up wondering about their birth mother and why she chose adoption. By taping a video like this or writing a letter, your child will be provided with answers to lots of their questions. As Hannah puts it, "He will never have to think that I 'gave him up' or that I did not love him. He will always be able to know that I loved him more than anyone else in this world!"

Here's birth mom Hannah's full video:

"I made this video so that you know how much I love you," she says in the video. "I made this decision completely out of love, and if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t of been in this position at all, and you wouldn’t have this awesome adoptive family. I fell in love with them, and they were beyond anything I could have asked for, and I have really really high standards for anyone who is going to raise my child."

At the hospital, the adoptive parents she chose were permitted to be present for some of the labor. After she delivered, Hannah requested to have some time alone with her son. For many birth mothers, the saying "you can't say goodbye until you say hello" rings very true. So, requesting time with her baby doesn't necessarily mean that a birth mother is having second thoughts. What it does mean is that she very much loves her baby and wants the best for him or her.  

Today, Hannah has an open adoption with Brad and Emily, the adoptive couple she chose. Brad and Emily have shared that it's important for all three of their sons to have open adoptions. "Having our boys’ birth mothers so involved in their lives means they will never have to wonder if their birth moms loved them, they will never have to feel abandoned," shares adoptive mother Emily. "They are all wonderful mothers and will always be our boys’ first mothers."

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