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She Gets it from You: Author’s Letter to Daughter’s Birth Mother

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 27, 2018

Recently one of Lifetime’s adoptive moms introduced us to author Melissa Radke’s book, Eat Cake. Be Brave., a personal testimony of faith, courage, accepting one’s strengths and unique path in life, including infertility, miscarriage, and adoption. In Chapter 19, Dear Miss Danielle, we were moved to read Radke’s heartfelt letter to her daughter’s birth mother. This real-life encounter with modern adoption, as seen through an everyday adoptive mom (with a great sense of humor and ability to share words as if you’re talking with a friend), will speak to so many of our followers and families.

If you’re a hopeful adoptive parent, or if you’re already raising a child through adoption, you’ll be touched by this excerpt from Chapter 19 of Eat Cake. Be Brave. Perhaps you’ll identify with the hard emotions each side of a child’s adoption face as they come together for a match. Or you’ll anticipate the great love that you’ll have for the ONE mother who chooses you to adopt her baby, and how you hope you can find just the right words to tell her how much she means to your family, how much you admire her brave love. You might even read this as a birth mother, and be reassured that you are not forgotten, and some of the brightest things about your child will remind his or her adoptive parents of you in the best ways.

Because of modern adoption, a child can grow up knowing that she inherits good things from both sides of her story.

With permission from Melissa and David Radke, we are honored to share this excerpt from Eat Cake. Be Brave. with you below.

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A Healthy Open Adoption Needs These 6 Things

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 19, 2018

Decades ago, almost every adoption was closed. Back then, people thought that closed adoption was best for the child. Today's adoptions look much different. An estimated 95% of domestic adoptions now have some level of openness between adoptive parents and birth parents. 

Even though there are varying kinds and levels of openness in open adoptions, there are healthy traits that many have in common. Here are 6 traits that adoptive families should strive for in healthy open adoptions:


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7 of the Most-Asked Questions About Open Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 13, 2018

Most birth parents today seek some form of open adoption, and many adoptive parents do too. Once you've adopted and are joyfully living out your open adoption story, you may get questioned by those who are unfamiliar with the concept, asking "how does open adoption work?" 

Lifetime is sharing 7 of the most frequently-asked open adoption questions adoptive parents might hear about their relationship with their child’s birth parents. Plus, we're providing the answers to these questions, too!

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Check Out a Powerful, True-Life Open Adoption Story

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 22, 2017

Are you struggling with your adoption wait to be chosen by a birth mother? What can help give you perspective is hearing from other couples who've been where you are right now. In this video, adoptive couple Kevin and Alyssa share their true-life open adoption story, along with their daughter's birth mother, Bailey.

Read on to out why a birth mother's right to choose her baby's parents is so crucial in adoption today!

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How to Develop an Open Adoption Relationship

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 1, 2017

So, you've agreed to give your baby’s birth mother updates as he grows up.  Now that you’ve returned home with your baby, how do you know which info to share? Working through the unfamiliar emotions that can arise in an open adoption relationship isn’t always easy. Today, Lifetime gives you tips on how you can develop a healthy relationship with your child’s birth mother!

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Is Open Adoption the Same As Co-Parenting?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 20, 2017

Question: My wife and I have been through several rounds of failed IVF treatments, and so we’ve started to look into infant adoption. We heard that to adopt an infant these days you have to have an open adoption with the biological mother. We're worried that might be like co-parenting or that we wouldn't be seen as the baby's parents. Does open adoption mean the birth mother could just drop by anytime or have a say in how we raise our child?

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Discover the Beauty of Open Adoption Through Stories

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 20, 2017

As you look into open adoption, it’s important to learn from the adoption experiences and stories of others. Today, we are sharing two great adoption webinars that will help you to gain insight into what life is like for birth parents and adoptive families living in open adoption relationships today!

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