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"Lifetime's Adoption Webinars Help Me Wait Well!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 21, 2019

When it comes to infant adoption, the wait is often a focus, and at times a challenge, for hopeful adoptive parents. Recently, Tracy, an adoptive mother in-waiting, shared with us how Lifetime’s webinars have helped.

Tracy, and her husband, Jamie, are actively waiting to be chosen by a birth mother. As a Lifetime adoptive family, Tracy attends monthly webinars to prepare for their future adoption. She shared how Lifetime’s adoption webinars give her ideas on how to “wait well," discover tips for creating a meaningful relationship with her future child’s birth family, and apply practical tips for making the most of the wait.

You’ll be inspired by hopeful adoptive mom Tracy’s real-life talk and honest feedback on how adoption webinars have filled her with hope for her family's future:

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"We're so grateful for Lifetime and ALL you do!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 18, 2017

Words cannot express the joy and grateful hearts of Phillip and Jennifer when they received "the call." Here is a sweet note from this Lifetime adoptive couple who recently adopted their baby boy! Little Jack is a miracle in so many ways. 

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The Lifetime Difference-We're Here For You

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 25, 2017

Lifetime's mission is to build positive, life-long relationships between adoptive parents and birth mothers for the sake of the child. We want to see each adoptive family realize their dream, and to provide every birth mother with the choice of a loving adoptive family who meets what they're seeking.

So what sets us apart from other adoption companies? What is the 'Lifetime difference' that leads to success in newborn adoption? Keep reading to find out!

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Adoption Stories Then and Now - Roger and Tricia

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 1, 2017

Today's edition in our blog series of “Then and Now” will be a bit different. Instead of following an adoptive from the point they joined up with Lifetime, we'll share an adoptive parenting story. Read on as we follow Southern California adoptive couple Roger and Tricia's journey through parenthood!

Roger and Tricia were blessed to adopt a baby girl through Lifetime Adoption in 2009. Since then, they have faithfully sent us adorable and heartfelt photos and updates. 

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Why We Love Open Adoption (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 13, 2017

We’ve found that those who are accurately informed about open adoption are more likely to have a smoother process, more pleasant experience, and less risk during their paths to adoption.

Learning about open adoption will better help you decide what’s right for your family, and how to prepare for the type of adoption you want to pursue.

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