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Before You Adopt: Build Your Adoption Budget

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 31, 2017

We hope that you've been able to learn about some helpful tasks and tips that you can do during your adoption wait in Lifetime Adoption's blog series "Before You Adopt."

During your adoption wait, you might experience a range of emotions, from excitement to worry. Adoption is one of those unpredictable things: adoptions don’t occur usually happen in an organized, scheduled way.

This causes many adoptive couples to feel like they have little to no control over what happens during their wait.  But know you do have control: you can control the actions you're taking to get ready for your adoption match. 

In this installment of Lifetime's "Before You Adopt" series, we're sharing about another activity that you can do before you adopt - budgeting and saving for adoption. Read on to learn about a money-saving activity you can be doing to raise the needed funds for your adoption match, adoption travel, and other fees.

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Adoption Fundraising Through an Affiliate Program

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 19, 2017

When you think about adoption fundraising, your mind likely goes to things like silent auctions, yard sales, or spaghetti feeds. But today, we're sharing an easier way to raise money for adoption!

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Raising Money for Adoption: Where to Start?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 17, 2015


The high price tag associated with adoption can be intimidating to many, but once a family has been called to adoption there is really no other option than to face the financial challenge head on.
Over the years families have gotten creative about raising money for adoption, and a few tried and true methods have risen to the top.
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