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Do You Want to Be Pregnant or Be Parents?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 21, 2019

In the United States, 10% to 15% of couples face difficulty conceiving after trying for at least one year. While some of those couples will go on to have biological children, some will not. For many of these couples, moving from infertility to adoption helps them fulfill that part of their life where they feel something may be missing.

For many couples that contend with infertility and live out the daily struggle that comes with it, an important question emerges: do you want to be pregnant or do you want to be parents? It is difficult to determine when to forego fertility treatment and opt for adoption, especially after you have been trying for so long. Fortunately, this is a decision you can make in time. You just might need to take a few extra steps along the way.

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Behind the Scenes of Adam & Kristi’s Decision to Adopt

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 14, 2018

"Are we meant to adopt?"

Lifetime adoptive couple Adam and Kristi share part one of their Christian adoption story


"This is never going to happen." Many people who walk through infertility often identify with the hopelessness that can come of trying and trying to build a family, without success.

Moving from infertility to a decision to become a family through adoption is a deep and thoughtful process. There are layers of grief and disappointment mixed together with the hope of looking forward to the good that will come from their determination not to give up.

We often are asked: "How do you know when to move from fertility treatments to adoption?"

For every adoptive parent, the answer to that honest question will vary. However, one recurring thread in nearly every Lifetime Adoption testimony is the sense that adoption is where the story was leading all along.

As you’ll see in Adam and Kristi’s story, a sense of peace, relief, and renewed hope came from answering a call to adoption.

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