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Savings Alert: Grocery Store Traps

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 26, 2012

Janet walked into her local market. She instantly felt relaxed at the friendly lighting and familiar music playing over the loud speaker. She hummed along to one of her old favorites.

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Savings Alert: Non-Packaged Foods

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 19, 2012

It is true, prepared foods make life easier. It is wonderful to pop open a bag of coleslaw with carrots and toss in the packaged dressing. There is bliss that comes with washed, diced and frozen onions. No tears. No problem. We have become used to cheese shredded for us; lettuce washed and chopped; carrots peeled and bagged. If you decide to forgo the instant gratification of the “ready-made”, there is good money to be found.

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Stand Tall

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 13, 2012

A couple of years ago, I went into our Local Target right before closing. It was late on a school night and few people were in the store. I saw a man unloading boxes and putting the inventory on the shelves. He looked somewhat familiar…. Who was he? At closer inspection, I realized he was the husband of my dear friend, Jane.

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Savings Alert: Household Cleaner

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 12, 2012

Hello friends. You might be wondering how I can come up with yet another way to save money in this crazy economy. There is no lack of penny pinching ideas from this determined saver. Why not try making your own surface disinfectant cleaner?

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The Perfect Gift

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 9, 2012

Do you know someone who is hoping to adopt, but finances are holding them back? Are you and your spouse dreaming of parenthood, but struggle with the idea of raising the amount needed for adoption expenses? The costs for a typical adoption today can be prohibitively expensive. There is a solution!

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Savings Alert: Helpful Tips to Help You Save

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 29, 2012

There is an old saying that says, “The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping-stones is the way man uses them!” Don’t let finances be a stumbling block to your dreams of becoming a parent. If you know in your heart that God intends for you to be on this path, there will be doors opened to you. You will find unique and unexpected ways of setting aside a little extra each month.

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Sign the Petition to Keep the Adoption Tax Credit in Place

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 24, 2012

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