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What Adoptive Parents Need to Know About Pregnant Substance Abuse

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 19, 2019

When you begin the adoption process, your adoption professional will ask you several questions to determine your adoption preferences.

As Lifetime asks you what kinds of substance exposure you're open to in your baby, we understand that your main concern is the health of your future child. 

The expectant mothers that Lifetime Adoption serves are typically already facing personal challenges when they discover that they're pregnant. And sometimes, their challenges include substance use or addiction. While most of the women that Lifetime works with don't use any drugs or alcohol during their pregnancies, we do occasionally help pregnant women who are struggling with substance use issues.

This tends to make some hopeful adoptive parents anxious. We understand that you want to make sure the baby you adopt is healthy and safe. At Lifetime Adoption, we work hard to find the right adoption situation for each adoptive family, birth mother, and child. That includes making sure you're comfortable with substance exposure in your baby’s background.

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Separating Facts from Fears About Babies with Prenatal Drug Exposure

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 7, 2015

When a family decides to raise a child through adoption or foster care, there are immediate questions and concerns about the worst-case scenarios that stem from media highlights and long-standing stereotypes about the children and birth parents involved. While there is truth behind some of the fears, it’s vitally important to research the truth, the reality of what to expect, and not base openness to a child on hearsay or fear. One topic of concern adoptive or foster parents share is often regarding drug exposure during pregnancy.

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