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Beautiful Video from a Birth Mom to Her Baby Has Gone Viral!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 19, 2018

In an emotional video that's since gone viral, birth mother Hannah explains to her newly-born son that she'll always love him. 

Both People Magazine and The Today Show, have picked up this story of a loving birth mother with a special message for her baby.  "I thought I would make this video for you instead of writing a letter because it's real and it’s in the moment," Hannah says in her emotional video.

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A Peek Behind the Scenes From Our Director of Adoption Services

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 23, 2017

Lifetime recently celebrated Director of Adoption Services Diane Schafer's 18th year with us! We'd like to take this chance to recognize Diane for her service in building families through adoption. She's helped so many adoptive couples and birth mothers connect through open adoption.

Today, we're sharing an insider's look about how birth mothers pick an adoptive family for their baby! Diane made an appearance in a Facebook Live video for Lifetime, and answered some of the most frequently-asked questions that we get asked about this topic:

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5 Things to Do for Your Adoption this Labor Day Weekend

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 1, 2017

Many of us look forward to Labor Day, a hassle-free day away from work. This national holiday, held on the first Monday each September, marks the end of summer. Since you’ll have a three-day weekend, why not spend part of your Labor Day working towards your adoption? It will bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams of adopting!

Keep reading to get ideas on how you can use Labor Day to put a check mark next to many of your adoption to-do list items!

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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 2, 2017

Part 5

Today, we're sharing the fifth part in Lifetime Adoption's new blog series, How to Be Successful in Domestic Infant Adoption. With this series, our mission is to assist you in learning how you can successfully adopt a baby with a shorter adoption wait!

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What is a Birth Mom Like?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 19, 2015

Here's a question we recently were asked by a couple thinking about adopting a baby through Lifetime:

"We're nervous about talking with a birth mom on the phone. What are they like? What should we expect? How do we talk to her?"

Hear Adoption Expert Mardie Caldwell's answer in this short video:

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