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20 Effective Ways to Save Up for Your Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 8, 2018

When you’re trying to afford infant adoption, it’s important to cut costs and save money wherever you can. Lifetime Adoption suggests creating an adoption budget, and setting up a separate bank account specifically for adoption funds. Today, we’re sharing 20 effective ways that you can save up for your adoption:

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6 Practical Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 26, 2018

Plenty of us look forward to getting tax refunds this time of year. Many people dream of using their tax refund check on expensive purchases or plan to spend the extra cash on luxuries. But just a few people will use their refund on an investment of a lifetime.

As a hopeful adoptive parent, your tax refund check provides you with the opportunity to invest in your adoption. So once you get your tax refund, think seriously about what you'll do with it. This money could bring you one step closer to the adoption of your dreams! Read on to find out how.

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How Can We Make Adoption Affordable?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 16, 2018

If you're wondering how you'll possibly afford the costs associated with a domestic infant adoption, you're not alone. A lack of funds is the #1 reason otherwise qualified families state for not moving forward with adoption.

Adoptions can be expensive and include fees for the home study, agency, legal representation, facilitation fees and travel, among other items.

"We faced a financial issue 30 years ago when we were hoping to adopt. What we found is that when there's a will, there's a way," shares Mardie Caldwell, adoptive mother and Lifetime's Founder.

Today, Lifetime is giving you 6 tips for an affordable adoption will help you make your adoption dreams come true!

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Get Expert Advice on the Adoption Tax Credit

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 6, 2017

If you're exploring your adoption financing options, you’ve probably heard of the Adoption Tax Credit. Many hopeful adoptive couples have found it challenging to make sense of how it works or how they can apply it to their taxes.

Then you'll want to mark your calendar and come to our free adoption webinar on the tax credit on Thursday, October 19th at 3:00 pm Pacific/6:00 Eastern. This will be an information-packed webinar, with special guest and well-known tax expert, Becky Wilmoth. She is an EA (Enrolled Agent) with Bill's Tax Service in Centralia, Illinois. 

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“Why is Adoption So Expensive?" - How to Afford Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 14, 2016

Once you've started on your path towards adopting a baby or child, you may get asked, "Why is adoption so expensive?" The asker of questions like this could pose it in a negative way, perhaps even adding "Babies who need homes should be free!" Here are a few tips on how to answer prying questions about the cost of adoption:

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How We Funded Our Adoption: Adoptive Families Share

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 23, 2016

Have you been perplexed over how you'll afford to adopt? Lifetime asked our successful adoptive families for their advice on funding adoption on our Facebook page: "What tips, resources, or ideas worked for you to help finance your adoption fees? We know times change pretty quickly these days and it's helpful to stay on top of what's helping adoptive parents reach their adoption dream. What would you tell another adoptive parent who was concerned about covering the costs involved in adoption?" Here’s what adoptive families had to share about how they funded their adoption:

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Adoption Fundraising Through Facebook Sale Groups

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 26, 2016

Are you on Facebook? Then you already have the tools to raise money for your adoption at your fingertips! Consider selling items around your house that you rarely or never use on Facebook sale groups. We'll tell you how in this post...

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