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The Top Tips You Need to Know for Your Adoption Home Study

Posted by Mardie Caldwell on April 21, 2016

clipboard.jpgIf you have started researching adoption, you've probably heard the term "home study." What exactly is an adoption home study? And how can you prepare for it?

The adoption home study is crucial to your adoption. Everyone hoping to adopt needs to have a current home study to adopt.  No matter whether you're doing an international adoption, domestic adoption, foster care adoption, private adoption, or independent adoption: a home study is required.

Many people get nervous about the home study; I know I was anxious about getting ready for the home study when we adopted our son. The home study isn't something you should fret over; it's not a "white glove inspection" of your home. The social worker doing the study simply wants to see the type of parents you'll be and where you plan to raise your child.

In 30 years of helping families adopt, I've seen home studies from every state.  I've collaborated with home study providers to gather the tips and tricks I share in this video. With our tips, you can make sure that you get an approved home study without paying an exorbitant sum!

Wish you many blessings in your adoption journey,


Just click the "play" button below to watch my short video about how to prepare for your adoption home study:

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