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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 11, 2017

Part 8

kevin tequila adoption success.jpgToday, we're sharing the final part of Lifetime Adoption's 8-part blog series, How to Be Successful in Domestic Infant Adoption. With this series, we hope to help you in learning how you can successfully adopt a baby with a shorter adoption wait!

If you've just started looking into infant adoption, you might be curious what it involves. Or, maybe you're waiting for a birth mother to choose you and would like to speed things up. In either case, this blog series is for you! 

Here are the top 8 things that successful adoptive parents have in common:

  1. Their home study is current
  2. Profile has been completed
  3. Adoption preferences are open
  4. Don't turn down an adoption opportunity which is inside their preferences
  5. Have created an adoption video
  6. Prioritize their adoption
  7. Open to adopting a baby or child of either gender
  8. Attend Lifetime's webinars 

If you missed it, our last installment in this blog series was about why it's beneficial to be open to adopting a baby or child of either genderToday, we're sharing about item #8, the fact that successful adoptive parents educate themselves through attending Lifetime's webinars.

At Lifetime, we regularly host adoption webinars, which are open to the public. These webinars are completely FREE to attend and give you valuable info about open adoption. Each webinar includes expert insights from those who have been recently touched by adoption. Visit to sign up. When you register, you'll not only get access to recordings of prior adoption webinars, but you'll also be notified about future webinar dates and times!

It is important that you make the time to attend webinars, to learn all you can about domestic open adoption. Our webinars cover topics such as the adoption home study, what open adoption looks like, how to speak with a birth mother, and much more! Mardie Caldwell, Lifetime’s founder, frequently appears on our webinars and answers audience questions.

In our webinars, you can listen (and watch!) as our adoption experts discuss essential things to know when moving forward toward a successful adoption. We encourage you to attend live, so that you can ask any adoption questions you have. If you're not able to make it, we post the webinar's recordings online afterward, at 

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