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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 7, 2017

Part 2

discover how you can successfully adopt a baby!Today, we're pleased to share the second part of Lifetime Adoption's new blog series with you! The goal of our series is to help you learn how you can be successful in domestic adoption. Keep scrolling to discover how you can successfully adopt a baby with a shorter adoption wait!

If you've just begun on your path to adoption, you might be curious what you need to do get done.  Or, maybe you're waiting to be chosen by a birth mother. In either case, this blog series full of tips on adoption is for you! 

Here are the top 8 things that successful adoptive parents have in common:

  1. Their home study is current
  2. Profile has been completed
  3. Adoption preferences are open
  4. Don't turn down an adoption opportunity which is inside their preferences
  5. Have created an adoption video
  6. Prioritize their adoption
  7. Open to adopting a baby or child of either gender
  8. Attend Lifetime's webinars 

Today, we're sharing about item #2, having your profiles completed. Your adoption professional will ask that you create adoption profiles so that they can present these to potential birth mothers. Different adoption professionals may have various requirements, but most profiles have photos, and a letter from you to the birth mother, sharing about your life as a prospective adoptive parent.

Your profile is the most crucial part of attracting a birth mother’s interest to your family. Without a completed profile, your adoption professional isn't able to present you to birth mothers. Since your profiles are the first impression you make to birth mothers, it's worth it to invest the time and effort towards it now. That way, you're putting your best foot forward to meet your future birth mother!

Different professionals will provide differing levels of service on profiles. At Lifetime, each adoptive couple has their own dedicated Profile Coordinator to help them optimize their profile and help them really shine! Many couples have shared with us that it's hard for them to talk about themselves in the right way, so we and guide each one through the process of creating effective adoption profiles. Lifetime interacts with birth mothers on a daily basis, so we know what they're looking for. This knowledge is then applied to each adoptive family, to make sure they're bringing out their best selves in a way that will give a birth mother a reason to choose them.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the 8-part blog series How to Be Successful in Domestic Infant Adoption! We'll be telling you about why it's vital to be clear and open with your preferences in adoption.

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