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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 21, 2017

Part 4

Brent and Latonia were blessed to adopt a baby boy through Lifetime!Today, we're happy to share the fourth part in Lifetime Adoption's new blog series, How to Be Successful in Domestic Infant Adoption. With this series, our mission is to assist you in learning how you can successfully adopt a baby with a shorter adoption wait!

If you've just started exploring infant adoption, you might be curious what it entails. Or, maybe you're in the adoption wait and would like to speed things up. In either case, this blog series full of tips on adoption is for you! 

Here are the top 8 things that successful adoptive parents have in common:

  1. Their home study is current
  2. Profile has been completed
  3. Adoption preferences are open
  4. Don't turn down an adoption opportunity which is inside their preferences
  5. Have created an adoption video
  6. Prioritize their adoption
  7. Open to adopting a baby or child of either gender
  8. Attend Lifetime's webinars 

If you missed it, last week we blogged about keeping your preferences open enough to allow for an adoption. Today, we're sharing about item #4, which is also about adoption preferences.

We've found that in order to be successful, adoptive couples need to avoid declining an adoption opportunity which falls inside their preferences. This goes hand-in-hand with last week's tip about preferences. It's so important that you are truly willing and excited to adopt the gender, age, and race of child that your preferences say you are. Otherwise, you run the risk of jeopardizing your entire adoption plans.

Here's an example: let's say Paul and Katie's preferences are: either gender, up to one year old, and Caucasian or Hispanic. Their adoption professional calls them about a birth mother who's interested in speaking with them. She is Hispanic, and her baby girl is due in three months: this definitely falls within their preferences. But, Paul and Katie are just heading off for a three-week long vacation. They tell their adoption professional that they timing just isn't right and that they're too busy prepping for their much-anticipated trip. They've turned down what might have been their baby! This story is just an example, but it shows how important it is to prioritize your adoption. 

Remember that it only takes one birth mother for you to complete a successful adoption. A family who may have spoken with three birth mothers is no closer to a successful adoption than a family who has spoken with none. It just takes one; the right one!

Stay tuned for part 5 of the 8-part blog series How to Be Successful in Domestic Infant Adoption! We'll be telling you about why it's important that you have created an adoption video to present yourselves to birth mothers.

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