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The Top 7 Adoption Myths (and the Facts)

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 1, 2017

adoption-myths.jpgIf you're thinking of adopting to start (or build!) your family, you might be intimidated after seeing adoption horror stories in the media. The truth is, much of the adoption stories you see portrayed in the media are sensationalized, to gain viewers.

Today, Lifetime is shedding light on seven of the most common adoption myths. Read on as we help you separate fact from fiction!

Myth #1: There are no healthy babies available for adoption.

The truth is, Lifetime sees anywhere from 110 to 120 successful domestic adoptions every year. And, most of these adoptions are of healthy newborn infants.

Myth #2: Adoption is expensive.

Sometimes couples who have already undergone expensive infertility treatments think that they wouldn't be able to afford adoption. The truth is, adoption costs vary depending on the attorney, home study, and travel fees. Some adoptive parents will pay travel fees, while others won't need to travel. And some choose to help their birth mother with pregnancy costs like co-pays, while others don't. Lifetime has a one-time flat fee which helps you budge for your adoption. We don't charge a fee to apply, and our fees are very affordable compared to many other adoption professionals.

Myth #3: It takes years to adopt.

The adoption myth of a the process taking years and years isn't typical for Lifetime's clients. In fact, most Lifetime Adoption families match in less than 12 months. The reality is that the more open you are in your preferences (race, age, and gender of the baby), the more quickly you can match.

Myth #4: Only perfect couples are chosen by birth mothers.

Whether you're single, married, divorced, disabled, rich, poor, professional, retired, aged 21 or 50, you can adopt a baby.

Myth #5: All birth mothers are unstable teenagers.

The ages of birth mothers include everything in the range of childbearing years. Some are in their teens, but we also see women in their forties who are pregnant and thinking about adoption. The truth is, most are in their twenties and thirties. They're creating a well-thought-out adoption plan to give their child a life that they can't provide.

Myth #6: Your child's birth parents will come back and reclaim them.

Once the adoption is final in court, the child is as much yours as if you had given birth.

Myth #7: You won’t know anything about my baby’s family or where they come from.

Most of Lifetime's birth mothers choose to have an open adoption. This can range from updates on their child sent through email, letters, photos, and social media to annual visits. As an adoptive parent, open adoption comes with the benefit of knowing the medical history of your baby.

A great way to learn more about open adoption is by hearing from what others have experienced! Sign up now to gain access to Lifetime's free webinar series on
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