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Thanksgiving Blessings from Lifetime

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving blessings from Lifetime AdoptionHappy Thanksgiving from all of us at Lifetime! We hope this time of year brings you close to your loved ones and reminds you of the blessings you experienced this year, and also of the blessings already on their way. We are grateful to be a part of your family’s story.

We hope to offer you an encouraging perspective for your adoption wait today. As you celebrate with loved ones and look forward to family traditions you’ll share with your child someday soon, we know you may have mixed emotions and thoughts through this week’s holiday. Here are three themes to focus on as you move closer to the child you long to adopt:


We can give thanks for so much! Giving thanks is possibly the best way to tackle negative emotions, such as worry, anxiety, or comparison, and lift your spirits enough to experience joy in the present and the comfort of hope for the future. Remember the things that are already happening to help you reach your goal, and for the blessings about to come your way. As Ephesians 5:20 reads “give thanks for everything…”

Persistence in Prayer

Matthew 7:7 says to “knock and the door will be opened to you.” Keep knocking until you get the answers to your prayers about direction, perspective, wisdom, expectation, and preparation! Keep praying!


When you’ve lifted thanks and continued to pray, you often have to lean back on trust. Trust in your faith, trust that your prayers are heard, trust that you’ve done all you can to reach your goal, trust the people you’ve asked to help you, and trust that something good is coming soon. Remember, as Psalm 56:9-10 shares, “…God is on my side! I praise God for what he has promised…”

Lifetime's offices will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, as well as Friday, November 24th.

Our staff will be available for calls from new and current birth mothers, as well as to Lifetime families who have urgent updates regarding their pending adoption match.  Lifetime’s 24-Hour Hotline is 1-800-923-6784.

We hope you all have a lovely and safe Thanksgiving celebration!

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