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What You Need to Know About Modern Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 11, 2017


Are you starting to learn more about adoption? Maybe you're actively pursuing adoption but aren't sure how to answer comments or questions about what adoption is like today.

Wherever you are at in the child adoption process, it helps to have clarity about the options involved for each side of a modern adoption in the US.

We recently hosted an information-packed webinar, all about the choices modern adoption offers women and families considering adoption. Anyone thinking about adoption should be aware of what adoption today looks like for adoptive families and birth parents. Discover how you can watch this webinar on modern adoption by reading on!

Modern adoption comes with many options for all involved, whether it's a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, or difficulty providing for a child, or a family hoping to grow with the addition of a child. Today’s adoption stories look a lot different than stories from decades ago. The modern child adoption process has changed the way birth parents and hopeful adoptive families pursue adoption, and create a personal plan in the best interest of the child.

In this webinar, we review the basics of what modern adoption means for women choosing adoption for a child, and for those growing their family through adoption. Discover the benefits of open adoption, for all involved, as well as common adoption myths dispelled and a fresh perspective on the choices birth parents and adoptive families have through the child adoption process. This is a helpful webinar for adoptive parents in any stage of adoption planning!

You can watch this free webinar, "The Modern Adoption," on the website

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