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Lifetime Works Nationwide to Help Find Your Baby

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 12, 2016

adoptions_nationwide.jpgAt Lifetime Adoption Center, we’re putting more time and money than ever into advertising and marketing. We’re currently spending $185K in online advertising and marketing, and due that are bringing in more birth mothers than ever. We’re represented in the Yellow Pages in all 50 states and clinics in all states as well.

Working with an out-of-state birth mother is safe and easy, as long as you’re aware of the state laws and interstate compact rules. These rules vary from state to state. The adoptive parents can bring the baby back to their home shortly after the baby is released from the hospital, sometimes, even if the adoption isn’t yet finalized by the court. The entire adoption is normally handled according to the laws and procedures of the birth mother’s state. The complex nature of adoption law just goes to show you why you need an attorney who specializes in adoption. A divorce lawyer, for example, isn’t going to be aware of the laws each state has on adoptions.

Many states require an adoption home study to be in place or completed before the baby can come home with you. This is yet another example of when a completed home study is beneficial to your adoption. As you know, birth mothers often come to use late in their pregnancy or even after giving birth. So, time is of the essence. Sadly we have not be able to present families without home studies to some birth mothers in recent interstate situations.

In order to make your interstate adoption happen, confer with an adoption attorney and be aware there are interstate laws. We cannot stress enough, start your adoption home study today!

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