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Lifetime Works Behind the Scenes for Us

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 3, 2015

Birthmother CoordinatorHere's some great feedback we received from adoptive couple Casey and Phillip to our recent webinar, Behind the Scenes with a Birth Mother Coordinator:

Libby and Diane, (and the rest of the Lifetime Staff)

We just wanted to drop you an email about our last webinar. We were hoping to be a part of it live last week, but because my (Casey's) family was in town we accidentally missed it. Anyway, we listened to it together today to catch up. We wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for all that you do for us, and for birthmoms behind the scenes! This webinar may have been hard for some waiting families, but for us it was an additional dose of encouragement. We were reminded of so much that we already know, and it encouraged us that we were actually very aware of what Lifetime does for us! I know many adoptive parents, desire more control and that those cases can bring many questions and challenges to you. But we wanted to share with you, that we have really enjoyed trusting this process, even though it has been longer than we would have preferred, we know ultimately that we, along with you, are trusting God's timing. 

Thank you for praying for us, and for all the work you put in. We can't express enough how especially grateful we are that you are so birthmom-conscious, we know that our birth mom will feel so loved and cared for by you, and that means the world to us! Thank you for being on this journey with us. 

-Casey and Phillip

This webinar was held exclusively for adoptive couples working with Lifetime Adoption. Learn how you can become a Lifetime family by calling us at 1-800-923-6784.

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