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Infant Adoption During Times of Uncertainty

Posted by Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. on March 16, 2020

adoption-times-uncertaintyIs now a good time to adopt?

Does the worldwide Coronavirus affect adoption plans?

Should we consider adoption in this economic climate?

Are you asking yourselves any of these questions? If so, the short answer is – Yes, now is the best time to start your adoption plan. The world may seem upside down, and the uncertain economic times caused by stock market fluctuations and the effect of COVID-19 on our economic stability are concerning. We, at Lifetime, understand the anxiety both adoptive parents and birth parents are experiencing. This is a time in the adoption world, however, where the number of adoptive parents decreases and the number of pregnant women looking for adoptive parents for their babies increases.

At Lifetime Adoption, we have been helping birth mothers and adoptive parents for over 34 years. We have seen economic highs and lows, such as the recession of 2008. Then we saw an increase in expectant mothers calling, and we had couples considering adoption put their plans on hold due to the economic situation. We are now experiencing a similar predicament.

Birth parents who are in crisis and are barely able to live on what they have and who are now facing an unpredictable job situation, are looking for stability for their child. As they may be having a hard time weathering this storm, they are looking for an adoptive family they know can remain steady and safe during times like these. They want to know that as crazy as these times might be, their child will be cared for, loved, and protected.

At Lifetime, we listen to our birth mothers and take into account what type of adoptive parents they are looking for. This is why we have a free online application. It only takes a few minutes to fill out, and we then interview the applicants. We try to make sure we have a proportionate number of adoptive parents and birth mothers that we feel will match.

Some birth mother requests are very specific, and Lifetime has a variety of families who can meet most every need.  We recently worked with Sondra (name changed) in Southern California, who was late in her pregnancy with a Caucasian baby girl.  She wanted to be sure she could choose a family also in Southern California who was open to having visits a few times a year.  She shared with us, "I feel better about adoption, knowing my child is in the same area I'm in, so I really want to find someone in SoCal to adopt her."  We were able to help with her request.

Geography isn't the only thing birth mothers request.  A few years ago, we helped a grandmother find a family for the 18-month-old twins she was parenting.  Her daughter was an addict and had left the children with her shortly after birth. She said, "I want to be grandma, I'm too old to be a mom.  Do you think you have a Christian family who would be open to inheriting a grandma too?"  Yes, and we were! In fact, the couple that stepped forward were thrilled as they had lost their parents, so they had no grandparents waiting.  To this day, it remains a solid relationship.

Sometimes, acceptance is just what a birth parent needs.  Alicia (name changed) was worried that there wouldn’t be a family open to her baby because of her substance use during pregnancy.  In fact, she wondered if a family would even be interested in knowing more about her. “They don’t have to keep in touch with me, they probably wouldn’t want to. I just want them to love my baby and give him what he needs.”  The Lifetime family she chose reassured her that they loved her as her child’s mother and offered to help her find the resources she needed to get into a recovery program. They keep in touch now with an open adoption.

Now is not the time to put your dreams of adoption on hold. Whether you are in the process or just getting started, be assured that there are still birth parents looking for families, and though the world may seem unstable, Lifetime Adoption has helped build families since 1986, and we can help you too!

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