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Infant Adoption in Florida: Let Lifetime Help

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 13, 2015


Lifetime Adoption has been a licensed child-placement agency in the state of Florida since 2013, successfully matching adoptive families and birthparents throughout the state as well as nationwide. Our specialty is lending assistance and support to birthmothers in their search for adoptive parents, and Lifetime has gained a well-deserved reputation for providing loving care and guidance to birthparents.

While Lifetime has only been in Florida since 2013, our founder has been assisting with adoption nationwide from California for over 28 years. With nearly three decades of experience and a staff of adoption experts fully committed to finding the perfect match between birthparent and adoptive family, Lifetime is well prepared to help you with your infant adoption in Florida. Also important is that the founder, Mardie Caldwell, is not just an adoption professional. She has also experienced the roller coaster ride of adoption firsthand: Mardie started Lifetime Adoption after her own walk through seven pregnancy losses and her eventual adoptions, as well as her work with women in crisis. Mardie has written numerous books on adoption, frequently appears in the media as an adoption expert, and hosts her own radio show focused on issues common to adoption.

If you are interested in infant adoption in Florida, you can begin your relationship with Lifetime by filling out the free online application. You can also find a listing of Lifetime’s nationwide available adoption situations posted on the website. This list will give you a real life snapshot of the birthparents Lifetime is currently working with, and show you the range of situations available. From infant adoption in Florida to adoption of an older child from another state, Lifetime Adoption is able to assist all birthparents and adoptive families in finding their perfect match.

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