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In Infant Adoption, How Old is the Baby?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 22, 2018

newborn_baby"My husband and I have just started to look into adoption, after facing infertility. We're interested in your adoption program. We'd especially like to adopt a baby so that we can experience all of those 'firsts' with our son or daughter. 

If we adopt a baby through Lifetime, how old is the baby when we receive him or her?"

When adopting a newborn baby with Lifetime, the infant can be anywhere from 24 hours old to three days old. In the majority of our infant adoptions, the baby will be discharged directly to you from the hospital. We've seen that just a few states require temporary cradle care before the baby can go home with his or her adoptive family.

Once you have been chosen by a birth mother and have mutually decided to match, it's simple to learn what the requirements are in her state. Lifetime's staff of experienced professionals are here to guide you through the details and provide referrals to attorneys.

We believe that parenthood is one of the most joyful experiences you can have in life. So, we feel it's important to experience your child’s life from the very beginning, if at all possible. In many of Lifetime's infant adoptions, the adoptive couple are able to be at the hospital as their baby is born. Some birth mothers will even invite the adoptive couple to be the first to hold the baby, in order to begin the bonding process right away. Depending on timing and their relationship, some adoptive moms are in the hospital rooms supporting their birth mom as she’s in labor.

The ability to experience your child's life from the very beginning is one of the benefits of an infant adoption with Lifetime Adoption, as opposed to an international adoption. Lifetime will do all we can to ensure you're named as the parents of your baby, even before the birth.

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