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How to Heal Your Anxiety on the Adoption Wait

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 15, 2017

heal adoption anxiety.jpgSome of the most successful people such as Benjamin Franklin had daily morning routines which helped them wake up ready to take on the day. But when you’re in the midst of anxiety surrounding your adoption wait, the thought of your morning routine may be the last thing on your mind. By organizing and adjusting your morning routine, you really can decrease your level of stress and anxiety as you wait to be chosen by a birth mother.

Your current "morning routine" (or lack thereof) probably sets you up for more anxiety throughout the day. You wake up, hit snooze a couple of times, then check Facebook and email from bed. After that, you take a quick shower, drink coffee, and hurry off to work. A morning like this has no purpose or structure. So why follow a morning routine? Because it can really reduce anxiety!

Here’s an Easy 6-Step Morning Routine to Heal Your Anxiety Naturally:


1. Get up between 5:30 and 6:00 am

When you wake up earlier, you'll have plenty of time to get ready for your day leisurely. Instead of rushing, you can get where you need to go calmly. Plus, you will have more time to focus on reading and self-care, which you don't even think about when you're rushing out of the door every morning.

2. Make the Bed

Making your bed is powerful because it allows you to finish a task first thing in the morning successfully. This builds your drive to continue doing more the rest of your day. No matter how stressful your day gets to be, you can always make your bed. If that's all that you get done in the day, it's still a success.

an Adoption Prayer Bracelet is a great way to remember to pray for adoption3. Pray

Morning prayer is a great way to focus your attention on seeking God's plan for the day ahead of you. When your adoption wait is making you anxious, morning prayer can provide you with peace, encouragement, and strength. Seek out His presence every morning, before your attention is pulled to the tasks you need to get done. Lifetime Adoption's Founder & adoptive mother Mardie Caldwell has designed some gorgeous prayer bracelets, which can serve as a handy reminder for your morning prayer session. See the design options and order a bracelet at

4. Hop in a Cool Shower

We know, this sounds awful. But there's science to back up the benefits to cold exposure: it helps improve circulation and treat anxiety and depression. The easiest way to get the psychological lift that cold exposure provides is to ease into it. Start your shower off at normal temperature, then finish it with a couple minutes of cool water.

5. Go on a Walk

Instead of downing coffee after you've dressed, go on a short walk. It gets you out of the house so you can enjoy nature. Plus, it helps increase blood flow and mood. If you give this one a try, make sure to leave your phone at home. Simply enjoy your surroundings and be grateful for all you have.

6. Practice Gratitude

Write down the three things you're most grateful for today. Instead of repeating that you're thankful for your spouse, God, and life, consider the smaller things in life too. This allows you to appreciate life and cut down on anxiety and depression. Think about people you're grateful for, something you'd miss if it were gone, and tiny things like the sun on your face. 

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This list is simply a roadmap to help you reduce your adoption wait anxiety by creating an empowering morning routine. It is full of strategies and scientific research on which habits are the most effective to lower anxiety. But, the best routine is one that you can stick to. So, please pick and choose from these ideas to find out what works for your own confident morning routine!

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