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How to Get Ready for a Last-Minute Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 7, 2016

newborn_baby.jpgLast month, we answered a question about last-minute adoptions, where the birth mother contacts us from the hospital, wanting to choose adoption for her soon-to-be-born baby. These types of adoptions are also known as "drop-in-the-lap" adoptions. Today, we're sharing how you can prepare so you can accept an infant adoption last-minute...

Many adoptive families practice looking up flights from airports around them. The ultimate goal in any opportunity to adopt is to get to the child as quickly as possible. Most birth mothers want to know you're ready to go! So it's wise to consider alternative airports if one offers a flight that can get you to your baby sooner than later. Here's an example:

Joe and Susan live in Sacramento, but the quickest they could leave on the closest airport is tomorrow morning. If they drive to Oakland, also nearby, they can leave tonight and arrive in the birth mother's city by morning.

Here's another scenario to consider as well:

Sam and Heather discovered huge weather delays with the airport in their child's birth mother's city. Rather than waiting to land IN her city, they looked at airports nearby where they could still rent a car and drive to her through the weather.

In drop-in-the lap/last-minute adoptions, Lifetime’s coordinators work with hospital staff to balance their needs with those of the birth mother and our families.  If the hospital tells us that they can only keep baby for 24 hours that means the family really needs to hustle and get there ASAP.  This is especially concerning for birth mothers, who often do not want leave the hospital until the family has arrived.  They do not want to feel as though they are abandoning their baby. 

For most last-minute adoptions, the adoptive family is expected to be at the hospital within 12 hours or less.  This is your baby and he or she is there, waiting just for you!

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