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How to Create an Adoption Profile That Shines

Posted by Mardie Caldwell on July 21, 2016

scrapbooking_profile.jpgToday, I want to share some tips with you that'll really help optimize your adoption profile, so that you stand out to potential birth mothers:

You may be asked to prepare adoption profiles to be presented to potential birth mothers. They may also be referred to as lifebooks, Dear Birth Mother letters, or adoption resumes.

Different adoption professionals may have individual requirements and requests, but most profiles contain some type of letter from you to the birth mother, describing your life as a prospective adoptive parent. Similarly, different professionals will provide different levels of service regarding profiles.

At our center, we assist adoptive families in preparing their adoption profiles by providing samples of successful profiles and one-on-one profile review services. It can be a difficult task to present your family in just the right way, so we take each family by the hand and guide them through the process of creating memorable adoption profiles. Because of our constant contact and interaction with birth parents, we understand what they are looking for as they consider adoptive family profiles. This allows us to work with each family individually to ensure that they are bringing out the uniqueness of their family in a way that will give a birth mother a reason to choose that family.

Before you put pencil to paper, do what professional writers do first: picture your reader in your mind. Ask yourself: What does my birth parent want to know? She wants to know what kind of parents you will be. She wants to imagine her baby growing up in a safe, loving home, having fun and getting help with homework. Be yourself and don’t exaggerate or make up anything. God made you unique. Bring out the special qualities you have to offer as a parent.

The information shared in this post was excerpted from my book, Called to Adoption. In it, I share information and tips about adoption gained from both my years of experience in the field, and my personal connection with adoption as an adoptive mom. 

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