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How to Afford Adoption with a Loan from LightStream

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 23, 2018


All lending services are provided by LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank, and we may be compensated by LightStream through links on this site.

At Lifetime, we don't want finances to keep you from being able to adopt. We recognize that the cost of adoption is an obstacle for many families. Luckily, there's a wonderful resource available to help families offset fees to make adoption more affordable.

An adoption loan through LightStream can make it possible for you to realize your dream of adopting a baby or child. Any hopeful adoptive family looking for an affordable adoption is able to take advantage of LightStream's loan; you don't need to be a Lifetime client.

LightStream loans can be used to pay for any aspect of your adoption process. That means the loan can be used not only to pay adoption professionals but also for things like adoption travel, preparing your baby's nursery, and profile printing costs.

LightStream has created an affordable solution for families hoping to adopt. Keep reading to get information about their adoption loans, as well as how you can apply!

Here are some details about LightStream's Adoption Loan:

  • Low fixed rates
  • Loan amounts start at $5,000 and go up to $100,000
  • It's an unsecured loan (you aren't required to put up your home or other valuable assets as collateral)
  • Flexible terms 
  • Simple online loan process from your application to loan funding
  • No loan origination fee
  • No late fees
  • No prepayment fees (You won't have to pay additional fees if you pay off your adoption loan early.)

Apply for a LightStream Adoption Loan here:

LightStream wants to make sure you get a low-interest rate. In order to do that, LightStream will beat an interest rate (APR) presented by any other lender by .10 percentage points if the other lender’s rate meets the terms and conditions described on this page. If you're curious about this "rate beat" program, you can watch this short video, which also talks about what makes LightStream different. 

Reviews of the LightStream Adoption Loan:

"We got approved for our adoption loan with LightStream today, and the funds should be in our account by tomorrow!"

"They have an unbelievable interest rate! We applied and were approved within 24 hours."

"The loan we received through LightStream was fantastic. Best experience I've ever had. Fast, quick, easy. I couldn't say enough or tell enough people about it. I was amazed how simple it was."

 Visit to get more information and to apply today!

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