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"How Old Can You Be and Still Adopt?"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 19, 2018

are we too old to adopt?There are many reasons that couples decide to pursue adoption in their 40s and later. They may have been putting off having children until their financial security became more established, or they might be hoping to create a family after remarriage. 

If this sounds like you, you might be wondering, “How old can you be and still adopt?"  Read on to learn about domestic infant adoption options for older parents at Lifetime!

It used to be that the maximum age for adoptive parents followed this 40-year rule: you could be no more than 40 years older than the child you were hoping to adopt.

Today, this rule is not hard and fast. In fact, Lifetime has many birth mothers looking for older, more mature couples. When it comes to finding adoptive parents for her child, the thing that matters most to birth mothers is the ability to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe home. 

If you're an older couple hoping to adopt, you might have noticed that many adoption agencies have age restrictions and "cut-offs" for their clients. In order to adopt through Lifetime, you need to be at least 21 years of age. However, we don't have a maximum age cut-off that restricts you from adopting after a certain age. What's important is to show birth mothers that you're active, in good health, and excited to become parents.  It’s not all about the age of the adoptive parent, but what they have to offer to a child as to why they’d be chosen by a birth mother.

At Lifetime, we've helped couples in their forties and well into their fifties adopt a baby successfully.  We've found that many times, older adoptive couples have lots to offer: they're financially stable, emotionally secure, and have stable marriages and careers. With more and more people holding off on starting a family until their forties, what you look like isn't important. The love and commitment you give to a child are what's important!

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