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How Did They Adopt So Quickly?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 14, 2018

jealous-adoptive-mom"My husband and I have been waiting to be chosen by a birth mother for almost two years now. Meanwhile, I keep seeing couples matching and adopting on the Lifetime website. I feel like it's not fair. How did they adopt so quickly? Why them and not us?!"

Right away, Lifetime's adoption professionals can recognize couples who will adopt sooner rather than later. These couples have resolved any infertility issues, and are now focusing on their adoption.

Their focus on adoption is so sharp that they're not trying to remodel their home or shop for a new car at the same time. These couples are putting all of their efforts and resources into their adoption. They're resourceful, organized, and proactive.

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We remember a couple who were resourceful, organized, and proactive with their adoption, Chris and Stephanie. When they signed on with Lifetime, they'd already had photos taken for their profiles. They worked very quickly on the items we needed from them so that we could present them to birth mothers: writing their "Dear Birthmother" letter, creating their profile, and shooting their adoption video. Stephanie asked us what they should do next, so we recommended that they complete the paperwork to get ready for their home study.

"Oh, that’s done," said Chris. So then, we advised that they contact a social worker to do their adoption home study. Stephanie matter-of-factly said, “She’s coming over to our house next Tuesday.”

As Christians, it's important to remember that the Lord wants you to pray for your adoption, but He also wants us to take action when needed. It's only when you take action that you show true faith. Think about the passage from James 2:14 saying that it does no good to claim to have faith but have no works, no action. In verse 17, James says that if all you have is faith, it is useless.


Here's an analogy: if you're praying to get hired into your dream job, you'd also need to take to take specific actions. You'd need to complete job applications, sharpen your interview skills, and get the proper attire for your interview. You can't just land your dream job by sitting around expecting for it to drop into your lap!

This goes for adoption too: if you're hoping to adopt, you need to take action and be prepared. Chris and Stephanie were several months ahead of other hopeful couples, so they were that much closer to adopting their baby. They did everything they could to be ready for the child that would come into their lives, and thus they would have fewer obstacles when a child became available to them. You need to be active in the process to quickly adopt. The longer you take to move to the next step, the longer you will likely wait to adopt.

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