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Symbol of Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 8, 2019

Adoption symbol by Lifetime Adoption CenterMany don't know about this, but there is an adoption symbol. You may have heard people use the term "adoption triad." It’s a commonly-used term in the adoption community that describes the three sides of every adoption: the birth family, the adoptive family, and the adoptee. The triangle in the symbol represents those three sides. The heart intertwined in this symbol of adoption represents the love involved in the relationship of adoption!

A beautiful symbol of adoption that many Christian adoptive mothers like are Adoption Prayer Bracelets. This adoption jewelry makes a wonderful gift for anyone touched by adoption! An adoption bracelet can also serve as a lovely reminder to pray not only for your adoption journey, but also for the women considering adoption for their baby and others touched by adoption.

Adoption Jewelry As a Symbol of Adoption

Adoption Prayer Bracelets are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind jewelry to declare your love for adoption. There are three different styles to choose from and many stylish color schemes. Celebrate adoption in your story by purchasing an Adoption Prayer Bracelet for yourself, and one for your child's birth mom as well. This simple, yet precious gift for adoption honors all who travel the miraculous path of adoption.


Each Adoption Prayer Bracelet is handmade and arrives in a pretty gift bag. Also included with your purchase is a gorgeously-designed prayer card, which you can personalize for your gift recipient.

On the European-style charm bracelets and original style bracelets, there's a special engraved charm attached. It says "My Adoption Prayer" on the front and "Pray without ceasing"  from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 on the back. On the bangle style, you can choose between the charm with the Thessalonians verse mentioned above, or a charm which reads "The Lord bless you and keep you – Numbers 6:24."

“My Adoption Prayer bracelet is such a precious reminder to pray for our adoption. Not only for us, but for our future birth mother and all those who are on the same adoption journey as us. Wearing my bracelet and knowing that it was handmade with love encourages me that I am not alone in our journey and that waiting on God in this process is such a special place to be," says adoptive mother, Rebekah.

All proceeds from sales of these bracelets benefit the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Lifetime Foundation. This non-profit adoption organization assists women who are thinking about adoption and provides basic necessities to those in need. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation also provides birth mother scholarships and adoption grants. 

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Adoption symbolSymbol of Adoption

Those touched by adoption often want to share about and honor their journey in a meaningful way. Throughout the years, many have turned to the symbol of adoption to represent that. The adoption symbol, a triangle intertwined with a heart, is a symbol used for both international and domestic adoptions. The adoptive family, adoptee, and birth family each represent one side of the triangle, and the heart intertwining each side of the triangle symbolizes the love that is involved in an adoption.

The symbol of adoption can be found in artwork, tattoos, jewelry, clothing, and other formats. For these purposes, Lifetime Adoption offers a free download of the adoption symbol! To download the Adoption Symbol artwork you see pictured here, simply click on it to be taken to a download page. Make sure to share with others where you found this Symbol of Adoption artwork!  

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Symbol of Adoption #adoption #prayforadoption #hopingtoadopt #adopted #waitingtoadopt
Symbol of Adoption #adoption #prayforadoption #hopingtoadopt #adopted #waitingtoadopt
Symbol of Adoption #adoption #prayforadoption #hopingtoadopt #adopted #waitingtoadopt


Editor's Note: This article was originally published on October 9, 2014, and has since been updated. 

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