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Protestant Christian Adoptive Families Needed to Adopt

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 24, 2012

Lifetime Adoption is currently seeking adoptive families for the following babies and children:

We are in need of an adoptive parents for an African American baby boy due in September. His birthmother feels that he'd be best with a married couple who are devout Christians. She is open to placing with a couple of any race, and is also open to placing with a couple who already have children. A middle class couple who both work would be ideal. She states no drug, cigarette, or alcohol usage during her pregnancy.

Another birthmother is due in October and is expecting a Caucasian baby. The baby's birthmother is interested in placing with a Caucasian married couple. A couple living in or near Oklahoma would be ideal. During this pregnancy, she states no drug, cigarette, or alcohol usage.

Thirdly, we’re seeking a seeking a couple to adopt a two year old Caucasian girl. The girl's birthmother feels that her daughter would be best with a Caucasian married couple who are Protestants. She is open to placing with a couple who already have children. Her daughter is healthy and on-track developmentally. After placement, she'd like to receive updates on her daughter via emails and letters, and have visits once or twice a year.

The first step to introduce you to birthmothers like these ones is to complete your FREE online application to adopt. If you'd like action steps towards adopting, complete the online application or call 530-432-7373 for more info.

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