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Lifetime Webinar: Founder Mardie Caldwell Answers Adoption Questions

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 24, 2014

Mardie Caldwell is founder of Lifetime Adoption Center, award winning adoption author, and most importantly an adoptive mom. In this webinar you'll hear Mardie share tips and insights from her decades of expertise in adoption, both professionally and personally. Taking questions from adoptive parents in the audience, Mardie covers a variety of popular adoption topics, from embracing open adoption and the blessings it offers all parties involved, and the importance of accurate adoption information and education, to tips for adoptive family profiles and adoption videos, and how to talk with loved ones when they ask questions about your family planning.

You'll enjoy this upbeat, warm-hearted look into the most-asked questions by future adoptive parents. If you're thinking about adoption contact us! We're happy to answer questions for you one-on-one as you make plans for your family's future. Or apply today to help us learn more about you and your adoption dream.

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