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Join Us this Thursday – Harrison and Rebekah’s Adoption Story

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 17, 2014

Have you been dreaming of that moment when you realize "I am this baby's parent!" as you rock your little one to sleep or change the tenth diaper in a day? Do you imagine what it will be like to meet your baby at the hospital and walk through those tender moments with your child's birthmom?
Have you wondered how you'll feel the first time the baby you will adopt is placed in your arms?

Then join us for Harrison and Rebekah's adoption story! In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, we're featuring this precious story of one baby girl's adoption story. Especially interesting is the fact that this family's adoption is open, though there is little contact with the birth parents since the adoption. Every adoption is different and it helps to learn from all stories!

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